Gmail is leaving Exede and Widblue

Wildblue & Exede Email is Moving to a New Platform called Zimbra

Satellite Internet Service Provider (ISP) Wildblue Exede has announced major changes to email service for existing customers.
Google is ending its support of Gmail and Google Apps services for internet providers.
New email system, Zimbra will offer same level email benefits.

Zimbra offers sophisticated email, calendaring and collaboration features, online backup and restore, including at the individual mailbox level.
Users will enjoy advanced rich browser-based interface with application features such as drag and drop, tagging, conversation views, advanced search, calendar and sharing wizard.
For mobile users Zimbra offers wide variety of options. Communicate via iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows smartphones and tablets.
Other desktop email clients, such as MS Outlook or Thunderbird are also supported.

This transition does not apply to any traditional Gmail accounts – those with an email address that ends in
Only email accounts ending in or will be affected.

Migration process started on August 3, 2015 and should be completed over the course of several weeks.
Email address, login and password will remain the same.
All email messages, contacts and calendar will be migrated to the new service platform automatically.

However, if Google Apps services were used, such as Google Drive, Google Play, Photos or others, you will need to use the Google Takeout service to export any of that content prior to this migration. You will loose Google Apps documents after the move, so save them as soon as possible.

Watch this short video describing email changes and Google Takeout process

Step-by-Step: How to save your data using Google Takeout

You can use Google Takeout to save files and data associated with your or email account. Google Takeout will save your documents, presentations, photos, contacts, and other Google Apps to a folder on your computer.

This is for customers who are using or email accounts only. If you are using a regular Gmail account with an email address ending in, there are no changes being made to your email account or any of the services connected to it.

To help you save your data, Exede has created step-by-step instructions on how to export and save your data using Google Takeout.

As of December 2015, all accounts have been successfully migrated to new platform.

Click here to configure your email on smart phones or desktop email clients.


Visit the Google Takeout website and login using your or account with your existing username and password.


Once logged in, you will be directed to a page that has a list of all of the Google Apps that were available to you through the ISP edition ( or of Google Apps.


Make sure there is a checkmark next to each Google App with data that you wish to export.


When you are brought to the next screen, click the “Create Archive” button. Google Takeout will then take a few minutes to compress your files into a folder.


After the folder is created, you will be able to click “Download” to save it to your computer. An email with the link to your data will also be sent to your or account. (This may take some time, up to 24 hours.)


You will be asked if you want to save or open the file. Select “Save” and store the file where you can easily find it. It’s important to download and save the file to complete the process. Note: This may use a significant amount of data depending on the size of the file(s). If your Exede plan has a Free Zone, you may wish to do this download during those hours.


Once you’ve saved the file, you can go into the saved folder and browse your Google Apps data. You can choose to use the data with another program (such as Microsoft Office), a new or existing Gmail account (, or hold onto it for your records.

What will change after an email service migration?

The look of your email over a web browser will be different. New interface is going to offer more user friendly features.
Desktop and mobile email client will need to change mail server settings in order to access the mail.
Server settings adjustments should be done only after the migration to Zimbra email system.

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