Picture gallery of poorly installed Exede Wildblue satellite internet systems

Learn from others. Every picture is a real installation before the fix. They all had problems with download/upload speeds and connectivity. If the dish antenna is not 100% on the satellite, quality of service will degrade badly.
To ensure perfect alignment with the satellite all the time, it must be installed properly.

A picture can say more than a thousand words. During my career at Wildblue I have seen hundreds of various Wildblue systems installed. Some were good and the only problem was the failed equipment but that is about 1% of all the sites. 99% of the rest has had issues with the way they were installed. I have handpicked a number of WB installs having performance issues.
This gallery has most common installation errors: wrong poles, self-made pole adapters, poor mounting technique, etc.
Images shown below are Wildblue installations. Exede dish is slightly different but the mounting requirements have not changed.
Use filter navs to sort by category. Click on thumb to enlarge the picture.

Satellite internet dish is attached to the tower
Satellite internet dish is attached to the tower
Satellite internet dish is attached to the tower 50 feet above the roof
Satellite internet dish is attached to the tower 50 feet above the roof. Scared of heights?
Satellite internet dish is attached to the tower
Satellite internet dish is attached to the tower. Close up view
Satellite internet dish is attached to the tower
Off-air tower used for satellite internet dish
Metal plate used as a base for satellite antenna installed on a off-air tower
Installation to an unapproved and unstable pole
4x4 wooden post satellite ODU mount
Looks pretty. Front yard installation.
Satellite antenna for internet installed on 4x4
This is just mean. Dish is screwed into a tree.
Utility pole satellite dish installation
Wooden pole with cross bar for support arms.
One more 4x4 installation. Setup could be moved and shaken with light winds
Satellite antennas attached to utility pole
Yet one more 4x4 unstable installation for frustrating internet service
4x4 used in the middle of the yard delivering poor internet
Satellite dish attached to utility pole. Support arms were deformed.
Satellite dish attached to fence post
Weird 4x4 satellite antenna installation
Utility pole. Wrong screews size. Missing 2.
Satellite dish attached to balcony
Satellite internet dish installation on decks is proven to fail
ODU installation on decks not allowed
ODU installation on decks is strictly forbidden
Satellite dish attached to balcony
Patio dish installation
Balcony deck mounting
Clever use of wooden board
Balcony dish install
Patio deck is used for ODU placement
Patio installation
Dish attached to the side of deck
Balcony dish mount
Satellite internet antenna installed on the side of the deck
Installation of a dish to a rotten, shaky old fence
One support arm makes no difference.
Shaky fence used as a mounting location for satellite antenna
How to secure a pole mount with no concrete
Thin wall pole was used for the job
Original mounting adapted for Wildblue dish
Selfmaid pole adapter with self-tapping screws
Short pipe satellite install
Pole mount installation done wrong
Concrete is optional ;)
Just use a hummer and stick into ground for a few inches. Satellite pole mount fell off
One more master peace pole mount
Suit to fit pole adapter
Clever adaptaion.
Lazy installer does cheap pole mount
As long as it works while installer was on site
Short thin wall pipe for Wildblue dish
Jamming the pole to make it 2 inch wide on the outside
Pole in pole doesn't make it last
Broken lag bolt
Support stays bolt left loose
Support arms rign bolt is unsecured
Battery died while driving screws into a roof
Mounting holes are there for a reason
Why use more lag bolts?
Dish moved over the rafter for secure mounting
Use what you can find to screw the dish down ;)
Unstable mounting to plywood

This gallery is a reminder to every installer that installing satellite internet service is just not the same as doing Directv or Dishnetwork TV systems.
What works just fine with conventional TV satellite will fail with Wildblue and Exede.

Don't cut corners! Get it done right the first time!

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