Picture gallery of poorly installed Exede Wildblue satellite internet systems

A picture can say more than a thousand words. During my career at Wildblue I have seen hundreds of various Wildblue systems installed. Some were good and the only problem was the failed equipment but that is about 1% of all the sites. 99% of the rest has had issues with the way they were installed. I have handpicked a number of WB installs having performance issues.

This gallery has most common installation errors: wrong poles, self-made pole adapters, poor mounting technique, etc.

Images shown below are Wildblue installations. Exede dish is slightly different but the mounting requirements have not changed.
Use filter navs to sort by category. Click on thumb to enlarge the picture.

This gallery is a reminder to every installer that installing satellite internet service is just not the same as doing Directv or Dishnetwork TV systems.
What works just fine with conventional TV satellite will fail with Wildblue and Exede.

Get the satellite internet system installed properly the first time!

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