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How to install satellite internet system right?

Learn about mounting location options, cabling, grounding and line of sight. Exede internet is great if installed right. Sloppy installations will affect internet connection badly and you'll end up in dialup era.

Choosing the right cable for satellite internet

Using same RG6 coax cable for satellite TV and internet systems may lead to problems. Only certain type of cable will perform well on Exede and Wildblue satellite internet.

Picture gallery of poorly installed Exede Wildblue satellite internet systems

Learn from others. Every picture is a real installation before the fix. They all had problems with download/upload speeds and connectivity. If the dish antenna is not 100% on the satellite, quality of service will degrade badly.
To ensure perfect alignment with the satellite all the time, it must be installed properly.

Things you must know prior to satellite internet installation

If you are a brand new subscriber to satellite internet of any provider - you must read this first!
Learn installation basics to ensure that your system will work properly and last long after the activation day.