How to install satellite internet system right?


Proper mounting of ODU (Out-Door Unit) is extremely important.

Roughly, 80% of service degradation and failures comes from dish mounting done wrong.

Wildblue/Exede satellite dish works on Ka band.

The width of the beam is only 2° wide and you want to be pointed dead center.
In order to comply with this requirement many things need to be done right. Simply put, Ka band is just not as forgiving as (TV) Ku band.

If your dish is even slightly mispointed, the whole system starts to act weird.
Many users with this issue will suffer slow speeds and intermittent connectivity.

So what are the options?

Make sure you have a clear LOS (Line of Sight) of southern skies.

LOS must be clear of any current and future obstructions.
Satellite elevation (dish angle) will vary from 28° in the northern states to 45° in the southern states.

Best results can be archived with the use of inclinometer.
Remember to check the LOS exactly from where the ODU is intended to go, both azimuth and elevation, as it may be very tricky.
There are plenty of online tools for elevation calculation based on location or zip code, like this one

Wildblue ODU mounting and assembly requirements

ODU must be mounted on a WB approved, structurally sound surface.

Wall mounts or roof mounts must be installed so that mounting base is attached to a rafter or stud using 5/16” by 3” long lag screws.

Both support stays must be correctly installed. For example, on a wall mount, support stays must be installed at an upward angle from the mounting base. Tab marked F1 is installed on the wall in the upper left position, tab marked F2 is to be installed in the upper right position. NOTE: Adjustable stays are available for situations where the supplied stays are not appropriate. p/n WB1000-420-01

WildBlue equipment CANNOT be installed on fascia board, decks, 4x4’s, or similar surfaces under any circumstances. Experience has shown that changes in temperature and humidity cause pointing issues and intermittent service.

Ground mount poles must be 8 feet long, schedule 40 pole. A minimum of 5 feet above the ground and 3 feet (or 6” below the frost line) in the ground using a minimum of 120# of concrete. Important: Fence post, muffler pipe, or other thin wall pipe CANNOT be used when installing WB equipment.
Pole mounts requiring a pole adapter must use a WB approved adapter. “Homemade” adapters CANNOT be used.

Care should be taken to assure that the ODU is properly assembled. Mis-assembly can cause additional time in pointing and peaking and intermittent connectivity issues for the customer.

All ODUs must have fine elevation screw attached. Installers may not omit this from the ODU assembly or remove the fine elevation screw upon completion of installation. Fine elevation is adjustment is a critical part of proper pointing and peaking.

Flange nuts for attaching the sub-reflector to the boom arms should be installed in the slots provided in the sub-reflector. This will properly position the flange nut between the sub-reflector and the boom arm. Flange nuts cannot be installed on top of the sub-reflector as this can change the angle of the sub-reflector and cause signal issues.

Installer should verify that all nuts and bolts are properly tightened before leaving the installation.

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