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Exede greatest speeds, generous anytime data amount along with Liberty Pass makes this provider a great choice for Satellite Internet.

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Exede costs a bit more compared to other satellite internet providers, but you get higher speeds and most of data.

Currently, Exede has 3 main plans available nationwide + Freedom plan with limited availability.
Each plan featuring same speeds for both upload and download, 3 Mbps/ 12 Mbps respectively.
The only difference is the amount of anytime data you can use on a monthly basis at top speed.

Plan Anytime Data Allowance Price / Month
Liberty 12 12 GB $69.99
Liberty 18 18 GB $99.99
Liberty 30 30 GB $149.99
FREEDOM 150 GB $99.99 - $149.99

note Prices listed are regular prices. Check out current promotion on Exede site


$99.99 is the cost of standard installation.
Currently offered for free with a 3-year price lock guarantee included.

Standard installation of satellite dish antenna usually done by placing it on the side of your home or roof. If you don't want ANY penetrations in your home, pole mount can be a great option.

Also note, that pole is not a part of the standard installation and may cost you extra. How much to charge you for the pole mount is up to an installer, generally at $99 - $199 range.
If you wish to get a free pole mount, you should contact ViaSat directly or use exede.com:

* No charge for pole mounts on service ordered directly from ViaSat through Exedes' toll-free number or online order.

Also, read this article prior to ordering pole mount. The article was written originally on Wildblue but its content is valid for all providers.

Additionally, consider this article as well. Both articles have valuable first hand information regarding installation. You don't need to follow it but being prepared will minimize your chances of ending up with less then perfectly working system.

Exede installation video:


Equipment you will receive consist of two major components: IDU and ODU.

The rental fee for the equipment is $9.99 per month. You have an option to prepay the rental fee for the term of your contract (24 months) for $199.99. This way you can save $39.76 over 2 years. If you plan on using the service for longer than 24 months, consider equipment lifetime prepaid option for $299.99. You will start saving and break even after 30 months of service.


When you sign up with Exede, expect a 24-month commitment to service.

If you disconnect your service before the end of your 24-month minimum service term, you may be charged an early termination fee (ETF) of $15 for every month remaining on the contract.

note If you cancel service after 18 months, you will be charged: 6 months remaining on the contract x $15 => $90.

This is standard industry practice. Both HughesNet and dishNET have similar early termination policies.

Other fees

Exede offers 90 days warranty on equipment. After that consider EasyCare option for an extra $5.99 per month. EasyCare will cover all required service calls and annual dish relocation. No one knows what can happen during 2 years of service to your system. Service calls are normally priced at $99 each.


Exede Liberty plans have same upload and download speed. They differ by amount of anytime data you can get. There is also a Freedom plan that is more of an option to Liberty plan and with Freedom you will receive amazing 150 Gb of anytime data each month. No other satellite provider has come close to that, yet.

If you are lucky, Boost 25 option may be available to you for extra $10 per month and it will boost your download speed to respectful 25 Mbps.

Plan/Details Liberty 12 Liberty 18 Liberty 30
Advertised Price $49.99/Mo $69.99/Mo $99.99/Mo
Regular Price $69.99/Mo $99.99/Mo $149.99/Mo
Max Download Speed 12–25 Mbps 12–25 Mbps 12-25 Mbps
Max Upload Speed 3 Mbps 3 Mbps 3 Mbps
Anytime Data Allowance 12 GB 18 GB 30 GB
Bonus Data Allowance Unlimited
1-5 Mbps download speed
1-5 Mbps download speed
1-5 Mbps download speed

Exede options

Available only to new Exede12 customers in limited areas.
* No charge for pole mounts on service ordered directly from ViaSat through 844-605-2422 toll-free number or online order form at exede.com

Boost your max download speed to 25 Mbps

Get 150 GB anytime data every month.

All required service calls at no extra charge. Normally $95 per service call. Only $5.99/mo. No charge first 90 days.


Exede leads the industry with generous amounts of data in satellite world. Gigabytes is everything, the more you get the better for you. So many people's attention was lost and drawn to speed and prices. Exede takes care of you, making sure you will stay online no matter how much data you have used for the month.

How much anytime data you'll get is up to your plan: 10, 18, 30 or 150 GB.
Anytime data - is the data you can use any time during the day or night at advertised speeds and it has highest priority in network.

What happens if you used all that data before the end of billing cycle? Fear no more! All Exede plans come with Liberty Pass and you can still access the web any time. This is a free option but it comes with a price - speed. Once Liberty Pass is activated, you will be slowed down to 1-5 Mbps. Expect slower speeds during the busiest network hours and fastest during off-peak. There is no more caps, once you start new billing cycle, your speed will get back to normal once again.

Other providers will only allow you to get online at night time between 2am and 8am once your anytime data all gone. Even then, there is a data cap and speed limit on bonus data.


Exede leads the way here again. All the plans offer 12 Mbps for download and 3 Mbps for upload speed. Boost 25 option is available to some areas and with that you may expect your download speed to get up to 25 Mbps. For comparison, HughesNet can offer only 15 Mbps maximum on most expensive plan.

Bottom line

If satellite internet is your only option then choosing Exede as your provider may be a great decision. It cost a bit more than competition but the service and options offered are well worth it.

Visit exede.com to discover latest deals and promotions in satellite broadband internet service

A Standard Installation includes the following:

  • Professional installation of Exede equipment by a certified installer.
  • Travel to and from your location within 50 miles of installer office.
  • Up to 150 feet of RG-6 cable from antenna to modem.
  • Cable routed through one exterior wall and one interior wall or floor.
  • Exede modem connected to one computer. Multiple PCs and wireless routers are not included.

Liberty plans come with a Priority Data allowance you may use during your monthly measurement period. If you use all of your Priority Data, you will receive Liberty Pass until the end of your monthly measurement period. Liberty Pass speeds will be slower than Priority Data speeds, will not support video streaming on multiple devices and may not support streaming of high definition video. Liberty Pass speeds will vary based on time of day and your geographic location, and may be extremely slow when the network is busy, typically in the evening hours (about 5:00 p.m. — 2:00 a.m. local time), which may greatly impair your ability to use the internet. Liberty Pass users will receive lower priority on the network than subscribers who have not exceeded their data allowance or other data threshold, and heavier users of Liberty Pass may be slowed to a greater extent than lighter users of Liberty Pass.

Free standard installation fee promotion available only to new Exede12 customers in limited areas who order service during the promotion period. One-time standard installation fee of $99.99 will be credited via an instant rebate of $99.99, which will be reflected on the customer’s first bill.

Boost 25 only applies to data used within a customer’s data allowance or other data threshold. Boost 25 does not apply when Liberty Plan customers are using Liberty Pass, when Freedom Plan customers have used in excess of 150 GB of monthly data, or when Evolution Plan customers are accessing web pages and email after such customers use their monthly data allowance.

Freedom Plan customers who use greater than 150 GB of data during their monthly billing period will experience reduced speeds until the end of their monthly billing period, and may be asked to reduce their monthly usage below 150 GB or transition to another service plan. If customer does neither, ViaSat may terminate customer’s service.

Exede EasyCare is $5.99 per month. For new Internet customers who purchase EasyCare, the monthly charge is waived for the first 90 days of service. If a customer cancels EasyCare within 90 days after purchase, the customer may be charged the standard rate that would have been applicable for each service call made at the customer’s service address during that 90-day period. Re-enrollment in EasyCare may be restricted for up to 180 days after cancellation. EasyCare is not available to customers in Alaska and Hawaii. Additional terms and conditions applicable to EasyCare are set forth in the Exede EasyCare Plan Addendum to the Customer Agreement available at www.exede.com/legal.

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